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Universal Design for Learning Providers

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Inclusion can be a tricky balance in the classroom or any education setting. Students are diverse, so too are their educational needs, but each deserves equal opportunity to learn and participate. 

What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?

Universal Design for Learning is an approach to teaching and learning that promotes inclusion and give every student equal opportunity to learn and succeed. Adaptability and flexibility are key learning strategies, encouraging students to engage with the material. Developing course content or material in this way helps all learner, but it especially help people with learning disabilities and differences. 

What is UDL Training?

Universal Design training is designed for all learning providers to enhance flexibility and confidence working with a diverse group of students.  This includes students with disabilities, but we all learn differently so applying these principles will enhance the learning experience for all students.

When completed, participants will have a greater understanding of the variety of learning approaches and the skill set to include all learners in the education process.

Training ensures participants will;


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