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Providing Accessible Services

Providing a great service to your customers is something that any good business strives to do! Part of this process is recognising the diverse make up of your customer base. Providing accessible services will only enhance overall customer experience and increase confidence in your business.

Fear not! We are not talking about providing another set of services, simply building flexibility and accessibility into those you provide already.  

Woman networking with clients, providing accessible services

Aimed at all businesses that provide a service to their customers.This training course will give learners with the knowledge and skills to understand and put in place a wide range of inclusion actions.  These actions will improve access for all your customers to your business and the service you provide.

The services you provide dictate the training because of this each course is bespoke. Trainers can directly address any gaps in access you have identified, please just bring them along to training!

Please note whilst this training may focus on the access needs of disabled people, access for all is the aim so all user needs will be discussed. ,

This training ensures participants will;

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Building an Accessible Business always takes a team, so we have a picture of a team fist-bumping.

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