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Why Your Business Needs Disability Equality Training

Disability Training

Disability Equality Training (often called Disability Awareness Training) for staff, management and individuals, is essential for any business in 2020 Ireland. Several equality acts and legislation changes have been integrated into Irish policy over the last forty years. They aim to guide all businesses and organisations towards an inclusive Ireland, that provides people with disabilities the freedom to participate fully in all aspects of our society.

Our Disability Equality Training programs aims to raise awareness within your organisation, so that staff can learn to identify the physical barriers encountered by customers and fellow staff members with a disability. It is vital that every member of your organisation is aware of their legal equality and disability obligations. Not only to comply with the Irish disability legislation, but so they can better focus on customer’s requirements and provide a superior customer service experience.

Organisations that complete an Adaptable Solutions training program will benefit from a better educated workforce. Participants have a working knowledge of disability and equality legislation, and the tools to initiate better practices within your company. By training staff to identify and remove the barriers to disabled customers and employees in your workplace, you will increase your potential customer base and also open up a wider and more diverse pool of applicants to choose from when hiring. In fact, having a clear and enforced disability and equality policy will make your company more attractive to all potential applicants.

In the event that a member of your organisation acquires a disability, you will already be prepared with the training and tools to ensure they are returning to an inclusive work environment they can fully participate in. This is particularly relevant when we look at figures released by the National Disability Authority that show that 85% of working age people with a disability or chronic illness have acquired that disability. (NDA 2005)

There is no better time to book a training program with Adaptable Solutions. The Disability Awareness Support Scheme is currently providing funding to private sector businesses that wish to initiate Disability Awareness Training for their staff.

Grants of up to 90% of training costs are available to private companies in their first year of business. Grants of up to 85% for organisations in their second or subsequent years, up to a maximum of €20,000 per year.

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