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Building Accessibility

Building Accessibility

All of our building accessibility services are guided by current legislation and best practice documents. They are also guided by the people who use your building on a daily basis. To achieve universal design in your building we check ease of access for all your staff and customers. Our team of experts takes into account the needs of people with physical, sensory, and intellectual or learning disabilities. Diversity is key, so we consider many variables, e.g. potential language barriers.

When consulting in Ireland, we must consider building regulations like Technical Guidance Document M – Access and Use.Another well worn reference document is“Buildings for Everyone” produced by the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design.

Building Accessibility Services

Set of building plans considering universal design

Planning Support

Planning a new building? Whether your building is commercial or residential , our experts can support your design team to maximise accessibility right from the beginning.

All new buildings now require a Disability Access Certificate (DAC) at planning stage. We can prepare this documentation for submission, and get your project started.

Accessibility Audit

An Accessibility Audit is an appraisal of the building, grounds and facilities that you currently offer for your clients, customers and staff .We measure findings against current standards, as agreed with our clients. 

The audit will highlight existing and potential barriers to accessibility that a user may face when trying to access the building and surrounding environs.

Following the site visit, an in-depth report will be prepared. In which,  a schedule of recommendations is compiled so that a strategy of improvement works can be developed by the client. Recommendations can be prioritised into short, medium and long term solutions to coincide with predefined funding or maintenance schedules.

Accessibility Audit needed! Really steep stairs.
Accessible House

Building Review

Like a building accessibility audit. But a little less formal!

A review gives you an overview of where your access issues are now. The finding will allow you to plan and concentrate your efforts into achievable goals. 

After a site visit, a report will be prepared highlighting areas where usability can be improved. 


Quick Consult

Sometimes, we are called  for a quick consult about one specific room or access issue that has been brought to management attention. 

Making events or open days, open to everyone can pose challenges. 

Whatever your question, we are always happy to chat!


Universal Design in the Kitchen

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Computer on a desk creating an Accessible Website (we hope!)

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Building an Accessible Business always takes a team, so we have a picture of a team fist-bumping.

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