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Accessible Websites

Computer on a desk creating an Accessible Website (we hope!)

Everyday many of us take to the internet to find that piece of information we require, or to find the service or product we need. A website can be an effective way of getting your business out there, but what if you are missing out on potential customers? Over 15% of the world’s population possess some sort of disability, your website needs to be accessible for everyone, regardless of ability.

Accessible or inclusive design maximises your websites potential and allows all users to access the information it contains. Not only does this improve usability for people with disabilities and users in general. It can also benefit your SEO ranking, overall user experience and brand reputation.

How do we ensure your website is accessible?

We build websites taking into consideration both national and international web accessibility standards. Standards like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This ensures that your website is easy to use and understand for people with disabilities, older persons or someone with a temporary injury.


Need a website with both substance and style?

Creating an accessible, beautiful website is easy. We have a range of web accessibility services to suit your needs;

  • Audit an existing website.

    An audit will let you know where you stand, and suggest changes that can improve your website. You will receive a comprehensive report outling any issues and helpful “fix-it” recommendations.  We use both automated systems and user based testing to conduct our web accessibility audits.

  • Design & Build Sites

    We specialise in designing and building accessible websites. We value both substance and style when it comes to sites because looking good and working well should never be compromised. All our websites are designed and built with accessibility in mind and achieve WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

  • Managing Site Accessibility

    We can help you make sure your accessible website, stays that way. We can train staff to create and upload accessible content, or if preferred we can periodically monitor site to keep things running smoothly.

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