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Accessibility & Equality Consultants

Meet your accessibility and equality goals and make your world more inclusive.

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Accessibility Consultancy

We have a wide range of accessibility consultancy services to assist in making your building, website or documents accessible to all. Whether you need advice or a full audit, we can tailor our services to suit your project.

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Group of people participating in Equality and Accessibility Training

Equality & Inclusion Training

Adaptable Solutions specialise in Disability Equality and Inclusion training. Our expert trainers have delivered hundreds of training courses bespoke to our clients needs.

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School Students

Be Adaptable! - School Workshops

Specifically designed for secondary school students. These popular, active workshops are centred around equality and inclusion. Perfect for your schools Transition Year Programme.

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Accessibility Services

Building Accessibility

Building Accessibility

All of our building accessibility services are guided by the people who use your building on a daily basis. They are also based on current legislation and best practice documents. 

Accessible Websites

Accessible websites allow all users to access the information your website contains. Not only does this improve usability for people with disabilities it can also benefit your SEO ranking, overall user experience and brand reputation

Computer on a desk creating an Accessible Website (we hope!)
Accessible Documents on a table

Accessible Documents

Put simply, they are documents that can be read easily by everyone including those using assistive technology. When a document is well prepared and structured it improve everyone’s ability to read and retain the information. 

99% of students would recommend our school workshops to a friend!

We are proud of this statistic.

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